Review: C Residence Labuan

On my recent trip to Labuan last weekend, I stayed at C Residence Labuan with San Diann, Shew Hiang, Shew Min and Chee Fun. I had booked myself a room at Hotel Labuan Point shortly after I had confirmed the trip but San Diann came telling me that the rest of the gang would be booking a serviced apartment.

It turned out that the wedding venue is located in the same building as C Residence Labuan hence no public transportation was required to get to the wedding venue. C Residence Labuan is located inside Paragon Labuan. As much as I know, Paragon Labuan is one of the newest malls in Labuan and had been around for years. Most of the units were still vacant. The most happening tenant in the building is Share Tea in my opinion.

I don’t have a picture of the building but most of the Grab or taxi drivers in Labuan know the location of Paragon Labuan. Some may not know where C Residence Labuan is but majority would know Paragon Labuan. Without further ado, let me show you the serviced apartment which we stayed in for the night in Labuan. It was a 3 bedroom apartment that we booked. It came with an ensuite master bedroom and two guest rooms.

This was the view which greeted us when we walked in from the front door. Right next to the front door is a bigger guest room which San Diann and Chee Fun occupied for the night. The public bathroom of the apartment was on the left as we walked further in and the smaller guest room which I stayed for the night was on the right.

The living room was spacious and brightly lit in my opinion. It came with a huge window that allows sufficient lighting inside the apartment. A 4-seater couch was placed in the living room facing the flat screen TV. There was a bookshelf next to the study table whereby extra toiletries, remote controls, hairdryer, iron and laundry pegs were placed.

The apartment came with a laundry washer outside the kitchen and they had also provided laundry hanger. For long term tenant, you wouldn’t have to worry of how you could do your laundry if you are not interested to try out the self-service laundry shop. Most of the necessities are provided in my opinion.

The kitchen was also sufficiently equipped in my opinion. Sunlight dish detergent and Dettol hand wash were provided next to the kitchen basin. I was contemplating whether to bring my own. The only thing which I was disappointed in the kitchen department was that the housekeeper had missed out the leftover water in the electric kettle from the previous tenant.

This was the master bedroom which came with an ensuite bathroom. The room size was huge in my opinion. It came with a large study table whereby you can put your hand carry luggage. The bathroom on the other hand was not as what I expected. I remembered seeing from one of the the booking websites that the bathroom came with a shower cubicle. Shower gel was provided in a dispenser on the wall. If you had forgotten your shower gel, fret not.

I took the smaller guest room since since we came in odd numbers. It came with twin beds and an ironing board. I have no idea why was the ironing board inside the guest room when it should have been in the living room. Another thing which I liked about the serviced apartment is that the rooms all came with ceiling fans. It was a good alternative for tenants who don’t sleep with the aircond on.

Verdict: The room can be booked via but it was already booked out at the time when Shew Hiang wanted to do reservation. As Clara had booked several units for her relatives, she booked ours too at the same time through the management. There was no hotel lobby for the serviced apartment and I have no idea where did Clara got the keys for the units. So, how did we check out from the apartment? By handing over the keys to the housekeepers.

Despite the building was only few years old, it was lacking of maintenance in my opinion and started to look rundown. I had seen traces of tiles coming off from the original cement. They fixed it with cement filings on the wall. The bed was comfortable but not the pillows. They were too soft for my liking.

C Residence Labuan is about five minutes drive from almost everywhere nearby including the International Ferry Terminal. Milimewah Superstore is located across the street from the serviced apartment and there are a few Chinese kopitiam located within walking distance. If you want bubble milk tea for snacks, they have Share Tea on the ground floor of the building. We paid RM300 for the entire apartment and I would say it was value for money given the convenience and everything.

C Residence Labuan
Bandar Labuan,
87000 Labuan,
Labuan Federal Territory,
Tel: +60-162096689


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