28122018 / SUSHI TEI, Aman Hills

I dropped by Aman Hills yesterday evening after work as I wanted to check out what Leong Wui has to offer. I wanted to stock up on my Skippy peanut butter but they didn’t have the flavor that I wanted. I managed to get some other stuffs that I needed though. I had also bought some cutlery from MINISO. They weren’t cheap but it had been some time since I had been looking for a butter knife.

I was craving for some spicy food yesterday evening. My first choice was Waroeng Penyet but I didn’t feel like it anymore after I stepped into the restaurant. So, I resorted to SUSHI TEI instead and it was definitely not the best place to go for spicy food. LOL!

SUSHI TEI has B$2 sushi deals on every Monday to Friday and yesterday was one of those days. I didn’t feel like having sushi so garlic rice it was.

Spicy Garlic Sesame Chicken Garlic Rice | B$9.90

spicy sesame chicken & garlic rice

After scanning through the menu for quite some time, this was the only spicy food which caught my attention. I am pretty sure that they have some spicy options on the noodle section too. This came served with a miso soup, pickled ginger and radish, two slices of watermelon, garlic rice and spicy garlic sesame chicken.

The main highlight of this entire dish was surprisingly the garlic rice (for me). It was grainy and fragrant enough for my liking. However, it was also a bit too greasy for me. The spicy garlic sesame chicken was not as spicy as I hoped to be. I liked that they used the meat of a chicken thigh so that the flesh remained tender after deep fried. The sauce tasted like KEWPIE Roasted Sesame dressing in my opinion. All in all, the chicken went well with the garlic rice.

Aman Hills Shopping Centre
Unit #G02, Ground Floor,
Block C, Lot 16552,
Kampung Sungai Tilong,
Jalan Aman, Jalan Muara,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2449977


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