27122014 / Piccolo Fratini

Sorry for the lack of update over the past few days as there hadn’t been much happenings in my life lately. All I did was work, eat and sleep. LOL! I did not even hang out with friends after work as work had been a wee bit hectic for the past week and I would prefer heading home straight after work rather than loitering in shopping malls or cafes.

Sister will be home from Vietnam next Tuesday and I am thinking of bringing her to try either BELLUNO Cafe or Danes Cafe. I had been to the latter twice but only once to the former. Perhaps I should bring her to BELLUNO Cafe? I would prefer Piccolo Cafe but they are only open until 6:00PM in the afternoon on weekdays. I think I will only bring her to Piccolo Cafe when she comes back from Bali next March.

Anyways, dinner tonight was at Piccolo Fratini as I don’t feel like having company’s provided dinner. I was hoping that there wouldn’t be much patrons as I did not have a lengthy meal time. I was thinking of a 30 minutes dinner time before heading back to work. Guess what? The restaurant was completely deserted at the time when I arrived but slowly filled with more patrons as I was tucking into my dinner.

Bear with me with the lousy resolution of my pictures as I did not bring my SONY NEX-3N with me. So, I made do with my iPhone 5S. A lot of my friends preferred their Samsung or iPhone camera over a real camera when taking pictures. To be honest, I prefer a real camera more than a mobile phone camera. I find pictures taken by iPhone 5S rather grainy for my liking.


Moccalypso | B$5.50

I had wanted Caramel Latte but was being told they don’t serve Caramel Latte but Cafe Latte only. But they recommended me their Moccalypso which came with a super thick layer of caramel syrup and topped with chocolate syrup on the foam. This is definitely not something which I would want to order again. Caramel layer was too generous to the extent that it overpowered the taste of coffee.


Fettuccine Carbonara | B$15.75

I felt like having Carbonara so I had this. Unfortunately, this is the only Carbonara pasta that Piccolo Fratini’s serves. All in all, this is quite okay. It wasn’t being overly flavorful but tasted just fine.

Piccolo Fratini
Ground Floor, Unit A4,
Bangunan Aman Complex,
Lot 53363,
Kampung Sungai Tilong,
Mukim Berakas,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2334520

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