20052016 / Ristorante Buon Gusto

I should be heading to bed now as my flu medicine effect is kicking in as I can now feel that my knees are getting weak. But I just want to finish this blog entry as I am trying to keep up with one blog entry per day. LOL!

Anyways, dinner today was at Ristorante Buon Gusto at Gadong Central. To be honest, I was looking forward to a Japanese cuisine dinner at Ikura Sushi Restaurant but little did I know that the place had closed down. Well, I did a bit of research on Facebook before going and I was kind of curious as to why the last comment was more than a year ago. And it makes so much sense now.

I chose Ristorante Buon Gusto as I did not feel like having dinner at Sushi Tei albeit I was looking forward to a Japanese cuisine dinner in the first place. There was only a table of patron at the time I stepped into Ristorante Buon Gusto. So, I guess it was a pretty quiet night for them.


Spaghetti Mushroom & Pesto | B$11

Spaghetti with mushroom and pesto sauce

When this was being served to me, I had a sudden flashback memory that I had the same thing too on my first visit with Jennifer and her cousin. To be honest, I prefer “drier” version of pesto more than creamy pesto. Taste wise, it was good as the cream was not too heavy. Portion of both zucchini and mushrooms were generous. And I liked the garlic bread too!

Ristorante Buon Gusto
Unit 46, Block C,
Gadong Central,
Kampung Menglait,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2427322

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