19022017 / Baotime

Kaylie and I met up at Baotime yesterday for lunch as it had been a while since we last met. As usual, she brought lil” Keona along. Business was extremely slow at Baotime yesterday as there was no other patron aside from us at the time we arrived and slowly followed by a mom and her son.

Menu was like before so there was nothing much for me to choose from. I decided to try out their Farmer Baoger as I was not impressed with their Cuckoo Baoger which I had tried on my first visit.


Twist Potato | B$4.50

chips on the twist stuffed with chicken sausage

Kaylie ordered this for herself and lil’ Keona and it ended up solely for her daughter as she did not like the mayonnaise dressing on the Twist Potato. Lil’ Keona only managed to finish half of it before surrendering completely.


Farmer Baoger (V) | B$4.50

seasoned tofu garnished with mushroom and pumpkin

I had this as I do not feel like having meat. First of all, I loved the tofu. It was fresh, fried to perfection and the shape still stays intact. The deep fried tofu was sandwiched in between pureed pumpkin. There was too much mushroom sauce and it was overly salty in my opinion. I think the pumpkin would be better off if in slices and roasted rather than pureed. It makes the Baoger too messy to be handled.

According to a person-in-charge whom I spoke to yesterday, she claimed that the saltiness of the mushroom sauce is used to compensate the unseasoned tofu. Contradicting, I would say when the menu stated “seasoned tofu”.

Verdict: San Diann went Baotime this noon for lunch with his friend and he ordered Farmer Baoger as well. He agreed that the tofu was nice but the mushroom sauce was too little for him. Perhaps the person-in-charge did take note of my opinion on their Farmer Baoger.

Additionally, he added that the customer service at Baotime needed improvement especially the staff who manned the Cashier counter. It was the “no care’ attitude which really puts customers off.

I had been to Baotime twice and I do agree that the customer service needed improvement. I came across a few reviews online commenting about the poor customer service and I do hope that the management would do something about it.

Unit 2, Block A,
Little Soho,
Simpang: 73-5-8,
Batu Bersurat,
Gadong, BE3719,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8683333

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