Review: The Healthy Habit & The Coffee Habit

The Healthy Habit and The Coffee Habit are located under the same roof, run by the same management. The Healthy Habit is a cafe like restaurant, promoting healthy food. We do not have much choices here in Brunei when it comes to healthy food. We only have The Energy Kitchen previously before The Healthy Habit came into the scene.

Majority of the patrons who were there at the same time as I did were in their sports gear and they looked like they had just finished a workout session. So, we can just assume that majority of their patrons are health and gym junkies. Jennifer and I are no health or gym junkie but we do not mind going for healthy food once in a while to compensate the unhealthy food that we eat most of the time *guilty as charged*. LOL!

I was early this time round for our dinner session at The Healthy Habit this time round. We set to meet around 8:15PM as I wanted to get my Cervarix vaccination at the clinic prior to our dinner. The clinic visit was surprisingly a lot quicker than I expected. Thankfully, there was no other patient before me so I got to enter the consultation room shortly after I registered myself.

Anyways, not going to talk about my Cervarix vaccination here. So let’s get started, shall we?

It has been a while since I last posted a selfie picture of myself here on this blog. To be honest, I rarely do selfie here in Brunei. It feels so weird but here I am posting a selfie of myself. LOL!

This is a two storey cafe. The Healthy Habit is located on the ground floor while The Coffee Habit is on the first floor. You can sit yourself anywhere on both floors and they both offer the same menu. I chose to sit on the first floor as the place looked more spacious. Washroom is however located on the ground floor.

Almond Crusted Salmon with Sweet Potato Mash | B$9.00

pan-seared salmon crusted with almonds served with our creamy sweet potato mash

This is one of their bestselling main courses as reviewed by some of the food blogs which I had read before trying out the place. So, it heightened my expectation inevitably. The sweet potato mash was good and it makes a healthier option compared to mashed potato. The salmon was good as well and the flesh was soft and juicy.

I was expecting a slightly crunchy crust texture since it was almond crust coated but met with none. There was not much of a texture but almost similar like breadcrumb texture. Both broccoli and carrot slices were poached.

Chicken Pesto Penne | B$7.00

chicken cooked with pesto sauce, served with whole-grain penne

Jennifer ordered this to share as she heard great things about their chicken. We both agreed that the pesto sauce was great but the chicken was slightly dry on the outside. The flesh on the inside was okay though. I liked that their pesto sauce was flavorful but not as oily as some other pesto dishes which I had tried in other places. Portion was good enough for one if you were to eat in minimal.

And as for desserts, we had …

Latte | B$5.00

Pour Over | B$5.00

I had this as I did not feel like having Latte but I ended up unable to finish even one quarter of the Pour Over. Not because it tasted bad but too acidic for my stomach to take in. Perhaps coffee lovers who enjoy their coffees with a level of acidity would enjoy this more than I did. I think I will go for their Mocha next time.

Matcha Cheese Bar | B$4.50

We were contemplating between this Matcha Cheese Bar and New York Cheese Bar in the first place and we asked the Cashier for suggestion. He said both were good and confessed that he is not a cheese person. So, he was unable to give us a better judgement call. We decided to stick with the former since we both love Matcha flavored desserts.

Our takes for this Matcha Cheese Bar is that it makes a good dessert choice if you love rich and dense cheesecakes. Matcha taste was not prominent for me, almost non-existent actually. The base was nice. It was Oreo crusted and the cheesecake was filled with sparsely scattered red beans.

Verdict: Food and customer service were great actually. But perhaps they could consider introducing some gluten free pasta dishes in their menu for gluten intolerant patrons? I had heard great things too about their smoothie bowls but I think I will be trying that for breakfast some other time instead as dinner.

Apart from hot meals, desserts and beverages, they do sell healthy options of bread spreads like jam and peanut butter. And they also sell gluten free dry pastas from Orgran. I do not mind returning again to try out their smoothie bowls and paninis.

The Healthy Habit & The Coffee Habit
Block A,
Setia Kenangan II,
Simpang: 150, Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

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