29052017 / infinitea X I Say Yatta!

It was Sister’s last day at home before returning to Shanghai next day. So, I took off from work earlier than usual to have dinner with her and Jennifer. Sister wanted to eat light but craving for Thai Milk Tea since the day before. She wanted to go ChaTraMue for her Thai Milk Tea fix but it was out of the way last Sunday.

She then decided that infinitea would suffice despite not being Thai Milk Tea. LOL! And that was how we ended up at infinitea X I Say Yatta! last Monday evening. The cafe was surprisingly not as crowded as I expected given that it was Sungkai time.

The lighting was not that great from where I sat and I was not able to adjust the tones of my pictures. So, that explained why they looked rather reddish in color. But in my defense, the cafe has quite a bit of red lighting. So, I guess that could be one of the factors which contributed to my red colored pictures? LOL!

Chicken Onion Leek | B$1.80/stick

Salmon Poke | B$7.90

raw salmon marinated in wasabi, sriracha and sweet sauce topped with furikake and served with Japanese rice

Yoshi Chicken | B$5.90

crispy chicken topped with Japanese tartar sauce and served with Japanese rice

Curry Tori Karaage | B$6.90

Japanese crispy chicken topped with special curry sauce and served with Japanese rice

I recalled seeing from their Instagram profile that they had Curry Tori Karaage served with udon noodles as well but it was nowhere found on their menu. Sister and Jennifer claimed that I should have asked if I wanted to have it with udon noodles but I decided to go for Japanese rice in case their udon noodles were not cooked to my liking.

The Japanese crispy chickens were nice but the special curry sauce was slightly too sweet for my liking. However, the special curry sauce went extremely well with the Japanese rice.

infinitea X I Say Yatta!
Unit 22, Block B,
Regent Square,
Simpang: 150,
Kampung Kiarong,
Bandar Seri Begawan, BE1318,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2424222

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