04062017 / Flour & Butter Cafe

It has been a week and a half into the fasting month of 2017. Majority of the cafes and restaurants here in Brunei have their own version of Sungkai Buffet, Eat All You Can or 50% promotion going on. I am not a big fan of Sungkai Buffet as I usually eat less than what I paid for.

Jennifer and I tried Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe for their Sungkai Buffet last year and that was it for the year. We tried Flour & Butter Cafe this time round. We contemplated between Little Audrey’s Cafe and Flour & Butter Cafe in the first place. We settled with the latter as there were a few dishes that we would like to try out. So, off we went to Flour & Butter Cafe last Sunday evening. I called in in advance to book for a table in case the cafe would be fully booked. It turned out that they were not at the time when I arrived at 6:40PM.

Instead of having Sungkai Buffet, Flour & Butter Cafe is having Eat All You Can promotion whereby you can order anything from their food menu, excluding cakes and beverages at the price of $22.90 per person. There would additional charges for food wastage. So, do order wisely and make sure you could finish all the food that you ordered. However, you could also go for ala carte instead of their Eat All You Can.

Without further ado, let me show you what Jennifer and I had for dinner the other evening!

Disclaimer: Please do not be surprised at the amount of food that we ordered for two! Jennifer helped me with some of the food which I could not finish as I felt bloated halfway through the meal.

House Salad | B$4.90

with balsamic vinegar OR sesame dressing + additional chicken B$2.70

We started our dinner wit something light as appetizer and went for their salad. It was served in a mason jar. Brownie point for the presentation. The salad came with corns, tomatoes, lettuce and a few thinly sliced onions. The balsamic vinegar was sour and yet sweet at the same time. Texture wise, it was thicker than what I was expecting.

Fresh Mushroom | B$4.90

Fresh Prawn Bisque | B$5.90

Honestly speaking, we were quite disappointed with their Fresh Prawn Bisque. I read and heard great reviews about it but somehow it did not suit my taste bud. I liked how they presented their Fresh Prawn Bisque but it was the taste which was a turn off for me. The taste of raw prawn heads were too strong for my liking but their garlic bread was good!

This was not meant as an offensive comment of their Fresh Prawn Bisque. It is entirely subjective to personal preference. Some may find it nice while some may not. I generally dislike the taste of prawn heads in soup broth or anything.

Onion Rings | B$5.90

Chicken Chop | B$9.90

boneless chicken drizzled with mushroom sauce and mashed potato

Pan Fried Salmon | B$23.90

salmon served with garlic sauce and mashed potato pumpkin purée

I went for the second expensive dish on the menu and it was priced more than what I am paying for per person. The salmon was well done for me, drizzled with garlic sauce. The garlic sauce was good but tad salty for our liking. However, it paired well with the salmon.

The mashed potato pumpkin purée was nice but can be a bit sickening when eaten too much due to the starch from potatoes and the cream to make the mashed potatoes.

Flour & Butter Cafe
No: 29, Ground Floor,
Bangunan Haji Hassan Abdullah,
Menglait, Jalan Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2422323 


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